The MollyHawks -
She Moved Through The Fair
Blackbird (Gaelic version)
Hot Asphalt
Fields of Gold/Give Me Your Hand
E Horo
Seinn O
It's All Right
On We Go/Musical Priest
Banks of Sullane/Faill Ill O Ro
Fear a Fhata
Lily of The West
Fisherman's Wife/I'se the Bye
Black and Tans
Night Visitor's Song
Shove Around the Jug
Wearin' of the Britches
Haul Away
Sally Brown
Pump Chantey
Old Balena
Astor Liom Grá Mo Chroi
Hector the Hero
Ballad of Arthur Clough
Meagher's Briggade
Pat Murphy
10,000 Miles Away

Boatman's Lament
Strike The Bell
New York Gals
Foggy Dew
Willie Taylor
Faill Ill O Ro
Into The Mystic
Leis a Lurrigan

Instrumental Tune Sets with concertina, low-whistle and guitar:
Airs, Waltzes, Jigs, Reels and Hornpipes

scrimshaw artist, Tim Reilly - Mystic, CT

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